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Wealth Solutions


Our Wealth Management solutions involve managing and securing your wealth in accordance with agreed mandates.  Using our extensive subsidiary network as investment partners, as well as other partners if the need arises, we offer services that develop investment portfolios tailored to your specific needs at each stage of your life cycle.   Depending on your risk appetite, investments could be in a variety of instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, real estate and alternative investments such as art collections.


How you restructure the ownership of your wealth will have a significant impact on how it is preserved for future generations. Our wealth management experts can help you hold, protect, invest, manage and transfer your wealth efficiently.


With well over USD 100 million assets under management, and with its brand name and legacy, it is envisioned that FirstBank's Private Banking business will experience significant growth over the next three years.  We look at you and your family's situation in wider context of factors that may influence your wealth in totality. Good wealth structuring and succession planning requires that all classes are taken into account: liquid and non liquid valuable items of art or jewelry, business interest and, of course, real estate.

Our experts can guide you in the establishment of

  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Managed companies
  • Limited partnership
  • Endowments


In addition to creating such fiduciary structures, we work with our insurance company FBN Life Assurance, and international brokers to create structures that may reduce expenses relating to succession plan that may reduce the potential for disputes, delays and public disclosure. We can also help your philanthropic goals.



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