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Banking and Credit Services


FirstBank is the leading bank in Nigeria. Our Private Banking division provides a comprehensive range of tailored banking services flexible enough to meet the demands of our exclusive clientele. We offer you bespoke non-traditional services that support your lifestyle, your goals and aspirations. As part of lifes' progression, there will be times when it makes sense to use financing rather than draw on your assets to reach investment goals. We are highly experienced in arranging the right credit against a wide range of collateral, including real estate and quoted securities. Our highly focused team look at your long term objectives in determining the best way to support you. You are our priority.


Our banking and credit services include:

  • Current and deposit accounts including Euro, Sterling and US Dollar.
  • Credit cards both international and local.
  • Foreign exchange and international transfers.
  • Internet Banking.


With the understanding that you could be a person with an international and mobile lifestyle, we never assume that your banking requirements conform to standard regimes or patterns. We therefore offer individualized focus and a full range of personalized services with teams located in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos as well as in satellite locations thoughout the country. We serve your offshore needs through our offices located in the UK, South Africa, China and France.


In addition to our banking services, we can offer bespoke and structured credit facilities such as:

  • Overdrafts
  • Guarantees
  • Customized mortgages for residential property
  • Credit lines and loans
  • Introductions to FirstBank commercial banking for corporate borrowing facilities


With the FirstBank pedigree and array of subsidiaries, we have access to and will introduce you to experts in insurance, estate planning, tax management and trusts.



We welcome you to FirstBank Private Banking ... a wealth of trusted insight