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Lifestyle Banking

Our concierge services are backed by VISA International, bringing you world class privileges from around the world such as access to online accounts and trading platforms, assisted bill payments services, membership of exclusive clubs, invitations to exclusive events, hotels and airline Passenger Assistance Service in major international airports around the world.


Our concierge services are highlighted but not limited to the list below:

  • Cash deliveryand Pick up
  • Funds transfer in various currencies
  • Safe custody (safe keeping of a client’s valuables – jewelry, precious artifacts)
  • Cash-backed loans
  • Priority pass at airport lounges
  • Limousine services at point of destination
  • Private jet hire
  • Personal security
  • Travel reservations and package tours (where members enjoy discounts on tickets, hotel reservations and so on)
  • ‘Bespoke’ services (where individual customers likes are catered to, such as, attendance at art exhibitions, world cup games, wine purchases, and so on)
  • Placement of children/wards in Ivy League Schools through education consultants
  • Gift items / Grocery / Laundry payments and pick-up, etc.



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